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Skyline Products and Services

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Reservations & Ticketing

The Skyline system is a user friendly in-house reservation system that offers both functionality and flexibilty.

Charter Management

Skyline offers a comprehensive Charter Quote and Invoicing System that integrates well with the other Skyline programs.

Statistical Analysis

The Skyline Statistics module is a powerful planning and analysis tool.

Cashout and Reconciliation

Within Skyline, an application exists that assists users in balancing their daily ticket, cargo and charter sales, with their cash and charge receipts.

Cargo Management System

Skyline offers clients a very powerful tool to manage all aspect of their cargo operations.

Flight Operations

Skyline offers up-to-the-minute flight data in an easy format, to help increase aircraft utilization.

Skyline Project Management (SPM)

Skyline Project Management provides a wide array of collaboration tools so that your employees can complete tasks more efficiently.

Online Bookings

Skyline offers the ability to make reservations using Internet Explorer by the general public.

Safety Management System

Skyline Safety Management System (SMS) supports various safety problems submission, risk management, risk-project creation and management, and reporting.

SMS Reporting Tool

Skyline SMS reporting tool generates statistical reports for the Safety Management System (SMS).

Cargo Tracking System

Skyline Cargo Tracking System effectively track your cargo in real time, and also print labels for cargo labelling using industrial printers.

Credit Card Processing

Skyline is capable of processing all types of credit cards including; VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Enroute, Diner's Club and Pin Debit as well as gift cards, loyalty cards, cheques, phone cards and more.


Skyline Accumulator is used to track flight crew�s flight and duty times. This includes Daily-7-30- 60-90-365 day times, as well as Duty Start/Duty End times.


Online Bookings

Book Anytime, Anywhere

The Online Booking System allows users from all over the world to be able to book a flight on your system. Flights will be presented with any amount of info that your airline wishes to show, including legs of the flight, number of connections, which fare rate and seats are left on an aircraft.* Up to 20 adults, seniors, and children can book on a flight, and a seperate cardholder can make the booking. Using Borland's database engine, Interbase, registered agents can utilize online reporting, while home users can experience fast flight seaches and easy booking.

Other Features include:

  • Quick Data Entry System: The Online Booking System is used in 5 quick steps, so you can make your booking in less than 1 minute.
  • Date Browsing: Users can jump ahead or behind a day at a time, to make flight searching more dynamic and flexible.
  • Automatic Connecting Flights: Skyline automatically presents each route of travel to suit the needs of your customer. These routes can be automatically generated, or specified by your management.
  • Automatic Fare Assignment: Fares are selected automatically depending on a set of criteria** including passenger type, minimum of passengers, and date of travel.
  • Passenger History: Records are kept of the passenger's entire flying history with your airline. Each reservation is accessible within a few clicks of the mouse using the Skyline Main Program.
  • Integrated with Skyline: A booking made on the Online Booking System is immediately accessible within Skyline, so you're presented with up-to-the-minute information.
  • Hotel and Car Dealer Support: Hotel and Car Dealers may update their rates and contact information using designed web page.
  • Our Site is Your Site: Our Online Booking System will be custom designed to mimic the style and content of your airline's current website.
  • Secure Connection: Our Online Booking System will facilitate a web SSL channel for secure credit card purchasing.
  • Credit Report: Credit files can be accessed via the Online Booking System, where you can view your previous bookings and/or transactions.
  • Reward Miles Report: Passengers with an online login can view previous bookings and their current reward mile status.
  • Booking Report: Travel agents and corporate contacts can have real time booking statements prepared and accessible via the website.
  • Cargo Tracker Report: The Online Booking System also include a freight tracker where cargo clients can get up-to-date information on the status of their shipments.
  • Real Time Flight Checking: The Online Booking System also include a real time flight information system. Online users can check if their flight is on time using the internet.


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* Seats left on a flight can only be available to registered agents.
** This can be defined to suit your airline.