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About Skyline

"More than any other agent of change, information technology is transforming the way business works. It is helping business get leaner, smarter, closer to the customer. Those who seize the opportunities inherent in this revolution are capturing important competitive advantages. Those who lag behind are forced to scramble breathlessly in a race to catch up." ~"The New Computer Revolution", FORTUNE

Only the Well-Managed Survive.

Today's aviation world is characterized by one thing: change, and lots of it. Various factors—notably government regulation and competition—have totally redefined many airlines and the way they do business. Everyone's looking for a sharp competitive edge, for ways to work smarter, leaner, and more profitably. You need to make better, faster decisions, respond promptly to market changes, improve communication within your organization, and be proactive in serving customers. Information technology is the key. It can help you deliver better decisions, faster responses, improved communications, better service, and happier customers. Skyline Aviation Software can make your organization more responsive and productive by delivering up-to-the-minute operational data both to front-line knowledge workers and to management.

It's OK to Ask for Help.

Too many choices? No idea where to start? Let us at Skyline help. We're leading information technology consultants specializing in business automation solutions for small to medium sized airlines. We have an established track record in application development, network design and installation, client/server database systems, and enterprise messaging. We can help you make sense of fast-changing technologies so you can focus on running your business, and go forth with strategic intent rather than playing endless catch-up.

A Path From Here to There.

Skyline will start at the beginning, looking both at the technology you already have and where you want your business to go. Then we'll chart a course for getting from here to there. Even though no one can predict what technology will be around even five years from now, we can at least set you on a path that will be flexible enough to keep you out of dangerous cul de sacs and expensive overhauls.

Let Us Sweat the Details.

Once we have a business-technology roadmap in hand, we'll do the dirty work of ordering all the pieces, installing everything, and making sure it all works. This designing an enterprise-wide information system, developing data warehousing, installing electronic reservations or whatever it takes to put leading information technology to work for your business. Let us at Skyline help you create a technology strategy that will result in a competitive edge for your company—and a good night's sleep for you.