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Hosted Services

To facilitate the reservations, ticketing, cargo tracking, and web services, Skyline Aviation Software offers a service which maintains dedicated servers for use by airline clients. In addition to hosting the reservations software for airlines, we also service and maintain all server hardware as well as perform regular maintenance on the system to maintain functionality. The Hosted Services solution will be of particular interest to airlines that wish to connect remote stations without the cost of setting up their own wide-area network.

These servers are maintained near our corporate office and allow many of the regular data maintenance tasks to be performed by Skyline's knowledgeable staff. In addition, many of the user's problems are easily corrected by shadowing client connections so as to provide real-time troubleshooting and support. All Skyline users have access to the system by Remote Desktop via the internet.

Using Hosted Services allows us to better serve airline users in that we will have the opportunity to manage all setup and maintenance of the reservations system on site. We can also better manage the hardware and operating system in this manner. Some of the services we offer under this Hosted solution include:

  • Fare, cargo rates, miscellaneous fee setup will be performed by Skyline staff. Once this setup is complete, you will be informed by one of our friendly employees.
  • Daily data backup. Skyline performs these backups and stores them off site. This reduces the risk of data loss due to hardware failure or internet incursion. Backups are also archived for easy later retrieval.
  • Data maintenance and optimization. Skyline will run the database optimization utility on a regular basis so as to avoid and prevent data corruption and helsp to prevent speed issues.
  • Maintaining internet connectivity. Skyline maintains redundant internet connections for hosted airlines. This ensures that the Reservation Server system is not at risk to internet outages.
  • Regular hardware maintenance and upgrades for the servers. Skyline will ensure that the servers have all of the required updates and that they are adequately equipped to service airline staff and customers.
  • Virus and firewall maintenance. To prevent potential incursions Skyline will ensure that security preventative measures are in place. This will include the maintenance and monitoring of the firewall and virus protection updates.
  • User account maintenance. Skyline will be responsible for the establishment of new user accounts. This will include the purchase of additional Citrix client licenses when required. There will be a service fee per user for this procedure that represents the cost of additional Citrix licenses.
  • System resource monitoring. Skyline will monitor all server resource usage. Skyline will assume responsibility of the cost to all server hardware upgrades
  • Internet security monitoring. Skyline will investigate and take corrective action in an event where internet incursions have been identified.
  • Automatic system updates to most current version of Skyline. Under the hosted service the client would be entitled to the use of latest versions of all current modules.
  • Maintenance and implementation of recovery plans to ensure that the risk of business disruption (due to a system crash) is minimized. Because hosted clients have the additional benefit of a daily database backup, in the unlikely event of a server crash, Skyline can move your data onto another hosted server quickly in order to minimize downtime.