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Skyline Products and Services

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Reservations & Ticketing

The Skyline system is a user friendly in-house reservation system that offers both functionality and flexibilty.

Charter Management

Skyline offers a comprehensive Charter Quote and Invoicing System that integrates well with the other Skyline programs.

Statistical Analysis

The Skyline Statistics module is a powerful planning and analysis tool.

Cashout and Reconciliation

Within Skyline, an application exists that assists users in balancing their daily ticket, cargo and charter sales, with their cash and charge receipts.

Cargo Management System

Skyline offers clients a very powerful tool to manage all aspect of their cargo operations.

Flight Operations

Skyline offers up-to-the-minute flight data in an easy format, to help increase aircraft utilization.

Skyline Project Management (SPM)

Skyline Project Management provides a wide array of collaboration tools so that your employees can complete tasks more efficiently.

Online Bookings

Skyline offers the ability to make reservations using Internet Explorer by the general public.

Safety Management System

Skyline Safety Management System (SMS) supports various safety problems submission, risk management, risk-project creation and management, and reporting.

SMS Reporting Tool

Skyline SMS reporting tool generates statistical reports for the Safety Management System (SMS).

Cargo Tracking System

Skyline Cargo Tracking System effectively track your cargo in real time, and also print labels for cargo labelling using industrial printers.

Credit Card Processing

Skyline is capable of processing all types of credit cards including; VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Enroute, Diner's Club and Pin Debit as well as gift cards, loyalty cards, cheques, phone cards and more.


Skyline Accumulator is used to track flight crew�s flight and duty times. This includes Daily-7-30- 60-90-365 day times, as well as Duty Start/Duty End times.


Credit Card Processing Background


Skyline is capable of processing all types of credit cards including; VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Enroute, Diner's Club and Pin Debit as well as gift cards, loyalty cards, cheques, phone cards and more.


The discount rate that is applied to credit card transactions is that which is negotiated with the processor or bank. There is no additional discount rate as Skyline eliminates third party charges for using other gateways or credit clearing functions. This saves the carrier between 1-2 percent on all credit card transaction. For example, if the airline processes $1 million per month of credit card sales the savings would be between $10,000 - $20,000 per month. Transaction processing is completely integrated into Skyline. There is no need to re-enter information into two different systems. This maintains the goal of a single point of entry and saves the airline labour costs of entering and reconciling credit card sales. Skyline credit card transactions are processed between 1-3 seconds. This is a significant benefit that can lead to shorter wait time for customers and employees.

How it works

Skyline’s credit card processing is designed to be as “seamless” as possible to the user. The processing of credit cards is triggered by the following events:

  • When a user selects to print a ticket
  • When a user selects to print a freight bill
  • When the user creates an MCO
  • When the user generates a miscellaneous invoice
  • When the user finalizes a charter
  • When the online system confirms a booking
Image:Card Processing Diologue.JPG?

When these transactions are processed a receipt is automatically created that may be printed to any printer that is available to the user.

At the end of the day these transactions are typically gathered and processed through the ADS system. There are 3 new reports available within the ADS to compare the totals for settlement with the bank to those of the transactions gathered by the ADS system. During the posting step of the ADS the settlement of the open batch occurs.

How long does it take to process a credit card transaction in Skyline?

The processing of transactions is virtually instantaneous. It is considerably faster than the traditional POS systems. In addition, it requires no extra effort on the part of the user.

Do I have to process Debit transactions in Skyline or can I continue to use my existing POS terminals?

Skyline has the ability to process debit transactions. However, if the client wishes to maintain the existing system for debit, that is acceptable. Some of the benefits to using Skyline to process debit transactions is that a separate phone line is not required as the Pin Pad is connected directly to the computer system. The other benefit is that there is no need to maintain two separate systems for settlement and reconciliation.

Can I re-use my existing Pin Pads for debit?

A different POS terminal is required to process credit cards in Skyline. This is a EnCrypt 1200 Device type 94 version 1.10. This can be provided by Moneris at a lease rate of about $20 per month. These can also be purchased at a cost of $400. However, in light of an emerging standard for using the new Chip type card.. it may be wise to hold off purchasing these terminals as they may become obsolete in the upcoming year. In addition to acquiring the POS machines a device called an IPocket is required. This enables the user to connect a pin pad to the server even though the server is a different physical location. This device can be purchased from Skyline or directly from the manufacturer at:

Precidia Technologies Inc.
150 Katimavik Road, Suite 1000
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2L 2N2
Tel: (613) 592-7557
Fax: (613) 482-5770

There is a one time cost for this device of about $125 per unit. Each pin pad will require a separate IPocket.

Can the settlement of transactions be limited to certain types?

As with a normal POS machine… when a settlement is made, all unposted transactions are closed. Thus, all transactions are settled at the time a batch closed. However, it is possible to maintain a separate terminal id for changes and refunds. Doing so would allow this to be done in separate batches.

Are tools available to manage credit card purchases?

Within the ADS there are numerous reports designed to assist with the reconciliation of credit card reports. In addition, numerous control logs are maintained to look back at the history of the processing.

Is there an additional transaction fee for processing cards through Skyline?

There is no additional transaction fees or merchant discounts applied to credit card transactions processed in Skyline versus processing them via the existing authorization terminal. Skyline communicates directly to the bank and thus eliminates the need for involving a middle layer such as a payment gateway. This can equate to huge savings when dealing with a large number of transactions.

How does the communication work?

Skyline communicates to the Payment Processor system such as the Moneris system through a secure and encrypted channel via the internet. It does not require any additional network appliances nor does it place any significant strain on the network. Skyline has developed this link and will maintain it This is an established method that is in use by many other large retailers such as :

Famous Players
Canada Post
And many more…

Looking into the future

Skyline is always looking at and working with new partners and technology. New PINpads, card readers, signature capture devices and value-added software are continuously being evaluated. Once certified, they will be introduced into the already wide range of equipment available for Skyline's Merchant Connect suite of products.


Skyline is currently certified with the following processors

First Data

Future certification is being considered for: TD Retail